We provide haircuts for Women, Men, and Children.  We do not differentiate our pricing between children & adults.  Hair is hair & we charge based upon the time needed.  All cuts include a shampoo, blowout, and style in our pricing unless otherwise mentioned..

*Additional time and investment may be needed for extreme thickness or coily hair textures.  (prices and availability vary per stylist

Bang/Neck Trim

Bang/Neck Trim

  • Up to 15 Minutes $18-$27+

*Does not include shampoo, blow-dry, and style

SHORT hair cut

Short Hair Cut

  • Up to 30 Mins $36-$54+

For hair that currently falls around the ears and above.

Cut includes shampoo, blow-dry, and style.

Transformational CUTS

Transformation Cuts

  • Up to 45 Minutes Price: $54-$81+
  • Up to 60 Minutes Price: $72-$108+
  • Up to 75 Minutes Price: $90-135+

If your hair is currently mid length or long, but want a dramatically shorter cut this is for you. Time required will be based upon your desired end result length.  (This service requires more time than a standard shorter cut!) 

*This service includes shampoo, blow-dry, and style.

Mid-length cut


  • Up to 45 MinutesPrice: $54-$81+

For hair that falls between the chin and shoulders.

Cut includes shampoo, blow-dry, and style.

long hair cut


  • Up to 60 Minutes Price: $72-$132+ 
  • Up to 75 MinutesPrice: $$90-135+

For clients that have hair that is shoulder length or longer. This hair typically takes not only longer to cut, but also to blow dry & style requiring the additional time.

Cut includes shampoo, blow-dry and style.  

*For hair that is longer than the middle of your back and/or thick, requiring additional time, there is an additional charge of $25 for every 15 minutes over the 60 minutes.

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